I’m a robotics enthusiast, exploring the business and applications of robotics

Philip English


Hi, I’m Philip

I have been a robot enthusiast, ever since I saw my very first movie in the cinema. I must have been about 7-8 years old and went there to see Roger Rabbit…! Luckily, my Dad and I were late, so the only other film that was on was Short Circuit – Johnny 5!

Since then and after watching a lot more sci-fi films about utopian futures and dystopian futures, I have been hooked on how robotics can create a real positive future and enable innovation to new heights. Today, my mission is to explore the latest and greatest of robotic and automation technology, with the aim to popularise the industry and help informed decisions.


Robot Optimised! – COMING SOON

The ROI guide to Industry, Infrastructure & Innovation

In this digital age, businesses are finding it harder to find the correct resources to run efficient operations and find the time for R&D, to support their growing customers’ demands. This however is starting to change, with business looking to become Robot Optimised, they are using Robotics & Automation to deploy flexible resources, optimise their operations and creating innovations within their industry. While their competitors are busy re-hiring & training staff and not focusing on high value activates, these Robot Optimised Industries are creating the path ahead.

Worked with:

Robot - Airbus
Robot - AMRC
Robot - ASDA
Robot - Google
Robot - Greene Tweed
Robot - Heathrow
Robot - Honeywell
Robot - Hotel Chocolat
Robot - Johnson & Johnson
Robot - Neovia
Robot - NHS
Robot - Nippon Seiki
Robot - Resideo
Robot - The Senator Group
Robot - The University of Sheffield
Robot - University of Sunderland
Robot - XPO Logistics







Chief Operations Office (CCO) at Robot Center

Tech London Advocates Network  – TLA Robotics