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Dyson 360 Eye: What’s In The Box

Dyson 360 Eye: What’s In The Box

Hi Guys, Philip English from and today we are unboxing and doing a review of the Dyson 360 Eye Robot!

According to Dyson, the company that has changed the cleaning industry forever, they invested over $46 million this new robotic vacuum cleaner.

Until now, Dyson was only producing uprights and canisters. But within the last 2 years, Dyson has prepared a surprise for us and also for Roomba & Neato, the main robotic vacuum cleaner producers at the moment.

The Dyson 360 Eye is the first of its kind within this manufacturer. The 360 Eye is capable of cleaning floors without human assistance, but this is not all that it does.

Dyson 360 Eye Unboxing

Let’s do the unboxing! Here we have the box and as you can see, it’s nice and stylish, it has the Dyson picture on each of the corners, which I think is quite cool and even at the bottom. If we open it up from this angle, so you guys can see it. I believe we have the little Dyson-Man sittin’ in there, there he is! Okay! Open it up there. Right! Straight right out of the box, we have our Dyson which is nicely wrapped up, I’m just going to put that on the side for a second. And inside the box, take the first layer out, let’s throw it over there and see what we got inside.

What’s in the Box?

We got the Docking Station which looks really cool, put that up there. And we’ve got a Power Pack which obviously we need to power docking station in the robot. Also in here, we have the manuals, how to use your robot, remember to connect to your robot, Dyson apps, how to use the app and how to use it with your robot. So that’s all we’ve got from the box, nothing else in there let’s throw it over here as well. Let’s see what we got, this is fresh out of the box guys, so it is putting on charge up, we have a separate video for that. So first impression, it looks really really good, really really new, really really interesting in some degree. So put that there and I’ll put it facing you guys actually, so here is your Dyson, there’s the power and here is the docking station. So believe with the power that you can plug it in either in, it got a port here and a port here which ever your plug is facing, so this can go in the left hand side or right hand side.

Dyson 360 Eye:

Dyson 360 Eye: What’s In The Box:

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