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EOS Innovation Interview

EOS Innovation Interview

Hi guys! I am Philip English from and now on this video I am doing an interview with Grégory Lebourdais from EOS Innovation. We manage to speak to Gregory at the Innorobot 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon.

EOS Innovation designs and manufactures robot corp e-vigilante. E-vigilante is a mobile surveillance robot dedicated to indoor security. A solution for many advancement such as surveillance for large areas, customizable patrol rounds, real time doubt dispelling, alert, transmitting to a remote censor and you can remotely control the robot.

Philip: Hi guys! I’m Philip English, today we are looking at different types of robot, this robot to do is about security, we got a German here who is going to introduce himself and introduce the robot and the company.

Gregory: Hello! I’m Grégory Lebourdais, I’m a partner and in-charge of Design and Marketing at EOS Innovation, a company that was founded in 2010 by David Lemaitre and so we are working on a security robot and our main shoulder is the parent company which is doing drones and stuff like this.

Philip: So, it’s a French company?

Gregory: Yeah! It is a totally French company

Philip: Right! So so mentioned France, so where in France are you base?

Gregory: Close to Paris

Philip: Okay. That was fine. So, can you tell me a little bit more about the robots that we have behind us.

Gregory: Okay. So the robot is called the e-vigilante. It is design to budge into warehouse outside the activity hours, so basically patrolling into the warehouse, and when it is patrolling, it’s detecting the environment all the time and when it detects something unusual for example a palette that has move or something which is missing or someone was moving into the warehouse, it will immediately send an alert to the security agents, who can take the control over the robots remotely and see through the camera which is in the front, so what’s happening live on the, in the warehouse, so basically, it is designed to prevent when there is intruder into the site, to act more efficiently and more quickly as possible.

Philip: I see what you mean, so instead of having like a paid man sitting there, you can easily pop one of these in the warehouse, it will run around the building all evening, if it will see anything then it will send you, like an email or some of that or code?

Gregory: No. It is a live feedback with an interface, so basically it is more CCTV center and so the agent in-charge of the robots will see instantly what is happening in the site, we can also send e-mail or text message if needed.

Philip. Okay. That makes sense. So what is the lifetime or how many hours can the robot work before its battery gets flat?

Gregory: Before its battery goes flat is around 10 hours, but it goes to refill autonomously, so for example you can patch all the way for one week without doing anything. Actually, our working on the warehouse every night and every weekend, you don’t have anything to do, except there is anything happening in the site.

Philip: Alright! Like a mobile security unit. Price point of one of these?

Gregory: Alright! We have a rental model and we are around 2,000 Euros per month but it is everything included, so the installation, the maintenance, customer services, upgrades, everything is included in the price.

Philip: Any issues that are coming, basically is covered.

Gregory: Yeah!

Philip: Okay. So has there been many prototypes as you are coming to these version and is there going to be a new version in the few years, is it constant?

Gregory: We have 5 or 6 prototypes and we work in changing all the hardware because everything is moving very fast now and now we have version with the Templar camera? Which allows us to prevent before there is a fire you can see that there is a hot spots and then say maybe there is a fire there so we really prevent before there is a fire and we will also release another version, the robot will be different but the features will be the quiet same.

Philip: Okay. Will it run into people, will it?

Gregory: Sorry?

Philip: Sorry. Does it recognize if there is someone in front of it.

Gregory: It recognize if someone is moving in the front of it but it can’t say if it is a person or dog or cat

Philip: That’s right! But will it stop?

Gregory: Yeah! Yeah! It will stop and it will go backwards if someone is approaching it.

Philip: Okay. Brilliant! Okay. So Thank you very much for the time and the overview of the robot, I mean it really looks like steady and all there. Thank you very much!

Gregory: Thank you! You’re welcome.

Philip: That’s right. And for you guys, to find out more this robot, I will just put some details on the screen now, click here and go the website. Thank you very much!

Brilliant! Thanks guys! I hope you enjoy the interview and I want to say big thank you to Grégory Lebourdais from EOS Innovation for his time and the interview.

If you want to learn more about EOS Innovation, I will put a link below for your review.

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