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ONERA Interview with Julien Moras

ONERA Interview with Julien Moras

Hi guys and welcome! I’m Philip English from and on this video, we are doing an interview with Julien Moras from ONERA, the French Aerospace Lab.  We managed to speak to Julian at the Innorobo  2016 Robot Exhibition in Paris France.

ONERA is the French aeronautics, space and defense research lab. A multi-disciplinary organization with experimental means unique in Europe, ONERA brings expertise to government programs, both institutional and industrial. Research at ONERA meets the major challenges of the aerospace and defense industries. It is the only organization in France gathering all the knowledge and skills in these areas.

ONERA Interview

Philip: Hi guys! Philip English here from, so we are here at one of the stands at Innorobo 2016 and we’re with a research stand now, so these guys do a lot of research, so they buy the platforms in and then they do the research and the algorithms and work with companies on the platform robots and so I’ve got a gentleman here, so can you introduce yourself and then tell me a little bit more about the company?

Julien: Okay! Thank you! I’m Julien Moras, I am a Researching Junior at the ONERA. ONERA is a French Research Lab that works in aeronautics, space and defense and I worked in some autonomous application for the drone platform.

Philip: Right! Okay! So I see, you’ve got a platform here and this one of the drones, so you guys basically take the drone platform and then work out on the algorithms on how it will go around the building. Is that right?

Julien: Yes. In fact, we work on the some algorithm in order to make this kind of platform autonomous in the environment where you cannot assure GPS, in a GPS-denied environment, so in fact, we rely on the stereo camera in front of the drone and we developed some algorithm in order to make the simultaneous circulation and mapping of the drone in its map in order to make the navigation, to plan the trajectory, in order to assure its vision.

Philip: So, how does it map out the environment, is that what you are saying with the cameras? The cameras will map out the environment and then once the environment has been map out and then the robot can go in between the buildings.

Julien: Yeah! In fact, with the camera way match, we can determine where the drone is currently staying and we are integrating this in a global map in order to build a way out of the map, so we can check if one trajectory with a wall or an obstacle so you can decide where you have to go.

Philip: Okay. That makes sense, I mean, I’ve got some video on the screen that will basically get for you, so that will show you exactly what he’s talking about.

Philip: Are you base in France?

Julien: We are working in the south of Paris, at Palaiseau.

Philip: Okay. So what I’ll do is I will put some links so people can find you guys. Thank you very much!

Julien: Thank you!

Brilliant Thanks, guys, I hope you enjoyed the interview and I want to say a big thank you to Julien from ONERA, for his time and the interview.

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Thanks, guys! And I will see you next time.

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