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Relay By Savioke

Relay By Savioke

Hi, guys! Philip English from and today we have an interview with the guys from Savioke, who are telling us about Relay.

Philip English – Hi guys, Philip English, 2016 Innorobo. We’re here with, on another stand that’s having a look at a whole host of new products. We’ve got Renauld here, who’s gonna introduce himself and then he’s gonna tell us a little bit more about his company, and a little bit about this robot that I’ve got in front of me. So if you can quickly like, introduce yourself Renauld?

Renauld – Yeah, sure, thanks Philip. So, I’m a business engineer at Awabot, a French company, that provides service robotics in Europe. So we’ve been providing you know, remote presence devices for about a year and a half. And today at Innorobo, we are introducing this new service robot, Relay, from a company named Savioke, based in the US. And Relay brings delivery information to the market. So basically what it does, it can carry any kind of package, stuffed goods, things like food, any kind of goods. And go through a building, take your literature and bring to the destination. So, Savioke has been working with the hotel industry for a couple of months, and this is, I mean, just a kind of test market. We aim to bring this kind of technology to like, concierge, for enterprise market, but also retail stores and industrial applications.

Philip English – Okay, no that’s a brilliant overview. So, as you were saying like, you’ve got them in hotels, you’ve got them in– I suppose the idea is to take out the person. So instead of a person running up and down the halls, then you’ve got this little device doing it. What’s the speed of Savioke, like, how fast will it go?

Renauld – Well it’s more or less the speed of a human working. What makes it very unique is that Relay’s able to navigate very flawlessly in a human-friendly environment. Take the literature, this is a very unique feature among the service robot on the markets. And also its design, the way it behaves, makes it very suitable, again, for people-friendly environment.

Philip English – Okay, no that’s fine, that’s fine. I think that’s a good overview. And what I’ll do guys, if I put some links down here, so you guys can find some more information about Savioke. So, thank you very much for your time.

Renauld – Thanks Philip


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