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Albert Robot Unboxing

Albert Robot Unboxing

Welcome on this video we are doing a hands-on product review of SK Telecom’s smart phone powered educational robot Albert. So if you wanna see how this bird-like robot works. Please stay tuned!

Hi guys! I’m Philip English from and on this video we’re doing a full unboxing and reviewing of the Korean Smart Robot Albert from SK Telecom. And don’t forget guys if you are looking to find out where to get you a hands on experience on Albert or any other robot on this video then please visit my online RoboPhil store.

Right! Hi guys so here we have our Albert Smart Phone robot so this is the box you get and if we open it up we’ll get another box and inside this box we have our Albert.

And there he is so we have got some holders from phone holders so we put these aside for a second and we will pop albert out of the box and there he is and we’ll put the box aside for a second as well.

So you can see for the camera and let me see there he is and I believe if we switch it on straight away and you put them there first thing that comes on is the automatic mode give him a few seconds so he’s got two sensors on either side of his left and right so if I put my hand in front there you go that’s right and that’s left so that’s just the automatic mode so you’re working straight out of the box getting off to his stiff. Alright! So okay.

Alright. So the next steps are to have a look at the Albert’s phone system so I think out of the options you get big one small one. Well I think that one will fit my phone which is Samsung Galaxy S6. Oh let me just switch him off. Insert that in there and get your phone and you can up raise Albert’s head so it pops up like that so we pop it in and there we go so that’s how it easily clip on to the robot to use the phone. And we’ll go to some of the phone features a little later on. So let’s take him off again so we can run through some of the specifications.

Ok so what we have for Albert is a whole lots of sensors and this is where we see the best way to learn about robotics to actually learn the sensors work and then you can understand the robot works. So he’s hot two times proximity sensors which are the little devices here the left and right. He’s got OID sensors he’s got two of those so this is what I see around the section here.

He got LED eyes as  you can see the mobile phone stand is usually here as shown earlier, and the on and off buttons is at the back along with the USB port. He’s got Light sensors, temperature sensors battery level sensor. The motors are 2DC motors see that makes the Albert move around. The LED are full color LEDs he’s got blue LED for card reader so I’ll show you the colors a little bit later on so we can get it moving he’s got 1.5 watt speaker, a buzzer and a port battery charger. The actual size for Albert for the width length and height. So the width is 11.5cm the length is11.6 cm the height is 12.8cm and the weight of the robot is 250g. The robot has a wireless auto connection and bluetooth, the battery for Albert lasts about 5 hours for continued operation and it has about 7 hours standby. SO we’ll just switch him on quickly there so that’s a good lot long life.

Alright so first of guys like what I said you’ve download the app, here’s the app here smart robot app the  robot market is on the left hand side and the coding is on the right hand side. So I’ll click onto the coding, and the first that we have to to is have a look at the Stack Mini so up load stack mini, here you have a choice so we go to Hello Albert so this is the basic principles of coding so stack mini as you can see just dragging blocks around.

SO what you actually see in here we go to number 1 so what it does it gives you a little explanation of what you’re trying to do in the game. SO puzzle one is called “Hello”nice too meet you my friend I’m Albert I’m here to look for the crystal, could you help me say hello? And then when you scroll down it actually gives you a little example of what you have to do in the coding program.

SO let’s try it out, here we go so here is the block from the left hand side and I see a work space area on the right hand side, so I simply hold down with my thumb and drag it over it’s now on the working area, and if I hit play.

Alright so that’s how the Albert robot say hello. SO let’s go on the next puzzle just to show you another example, so let’s go move forward. There seems to be something a head please help me move forward twice, so again it shows you how to actually move forward twice in the behavior let’s hit try out, as we can see we have a move forward block and so we’ll click that and we’ll drag it on the work area, and then click it again cause it’s asking me to move forward twice, and then if we hit play make sure it’s doesn’t move off the table.

There you go, and let’s quickly skip on the next puzzle quickly so let’s see what we got. Puzzle 3 what a surprise. Act what a Large Lion I’m scared help me run away from it right now let’s move back four times. SO I believe you can use this as with part of the board game which has a zoo in there so I believe that’s the idea. So here move forward move back so we wanna move forward for times, this time it doesn’t give you any example as you can see it’s actually want you to work out by yourself. So move backup four times, let’s give it a go? So let’s go move back, move back, move back and move back. Let’s place the robot and put it here so it doesn’t fall off the table, and let’s run the program.

One, two ,three, four, Alright well done so.

So things aren’t all done please go back to number four, and the next one is asking you to turn around and if i made a mistake and drag the move froward block in to there, let’s have a look and see what happens. Ohh no we have move the wrong blocks, so yeah obviously you can see how it say you’ve done wrong and then on the screen you can try again. Right so that’s a quick explanation on how to do/use stack mini.

Alright so the next one we’ll gonna quick look at is the stack stock card game. So again go into the app and click coding box and we’re looking at the stack card, just load up. So what the robot is waiting for me to do now,  is waiting for me to show cards in front of it, so it can use its sensors to read what the cards are.  SO you have the card pack right here, so there’s several packs you can get from different games. This is the coding pack. So I’m just gonna open it up. I’m gonna put that box down there.. As you can see from the packs you have whole lots of different options you can get the robot to do, so turn left, make noises turn right do the sequences , go backwards, flash the LEDs whole lots of different things. So if I just grab a few examples, I’m just going to grab the pack over here. So we are gonna tell the robot to turn left, then we are gonna get him to turn right, and then we’re gonna get him to do a quick beep and then we are gonna get him to flash his green eyes on which you may or may not see on the screen let me show you example of it.

And this is very simple, so the sensor is underneath the robot’s front part, so we just go.. turn left you’ll hear a little beep and his eyes go flash, turn right, hear a little beep just turn him right, and an actual beep, ohh! there you go, beep from that one, and then his eyes are gonna go green. I’m doing this back to front that’s pretty white so it’s not reading it well as it should be. So ok on the application we then hit play, so there you go, it’s actually turn luminous you could double check. Left, right, beep and then green eyes on yes perfect! So there you go guys a quick example how the card game works.

OK guys now we’ll have a look at the board game you’ll get with Albert which is in the coding pack again. So we’ll bring in a couple of boards. So that’s one and it’s one to three. I’m lining it up for you so it’s nice and straight, it does go to six but my table is not long enough to show that but it’ll be fine I’m going to one to three.

Put the robot on there and again we’ll go back to the application click on the coding go into the stack mini school this time, and we’ll gonna go through the sequences, and calculator. So where is zero, so you’re gone to zero already and you’ll click into the calculator ohh I’ve already done few things already so let’s go back to one, right here we go. So same principle but this time it’s a math game so wanna drag the blocks from the left hand side to the work are on the right so I’ll grab it on my finger front, push it in, attach it up, so now I got the number one, and if we hit run program. There we go right easy way to teach him math. Puzzle one completed congratulations twelve stars you’ve got twelve starts and if I his continue he will go back to zero so we can start the game again. There he goes, and so a little bit further this time go to number 2 so click number to obviously we are now gonna drag in two blocks , one and two, and run the program. Oh there you go, he’s made it to number two, well done Albert well done Albert. You’ve got another twelve stars. And let’s do a final demonstration to where we gonna go. Step 2 OK? To Where to number three. So we are gonna go to number 3 now. And this is fairly easy this one, I’m actually gonna jump one actually let’s go to version 4. So we’re going to number 3 again but this time, he’s giving us a couple of blocks. So instead of using 3 ones we are going to use a 2 block and connect up and at one block and connect that up and if we hit play.

Well done Albert well done, he has made it to number 3.

So again very nice simple coding that you can create and get your robot working.

Alright that’s it guys, so Albert your smart card game and your board game squeeze that on the left hand side so that’s part of the coding pack that you’ll get with your robot let’s squeeze that in there. And what I’ll do guys is I’ll do a tutorial on each one so you can a further dig on each of the application. Thanks you very much

Thanks guys hope you enjoy the review of the smartphone robot from SK telecom Please visit my Robophil online store if wanna find out and pick any of the robots on my videos and find lots of other robots that you can add to your collection. Now if you like this product review and you want to see even more robot reviews then please hit the subscribe button to get updates for the latest video that come out. Please look below as well I’ll put links relating to this videos as well as other information about the Albert robot. If you have any questions and you want a review of any particular robot message on comment section and I’ll see what I can do. Thanks guys looking forward to see you next time.

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