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University Paris Est Créteil Interview

University Paris Est Créteil Interview - Samer Mohammed

Hi guys! I’m Philip English from, now on this video we are doing an interview with Samer Mohammed from University Paris Est Créteil. We managed to speak to Samer in the InnoRobo 2015 Robot Exhibition in France, Lyon.

The University Paris Est Créteil is the largest multidisciplinary and vocation university in France. It has 32,000 students and 15 units, founded in 1970, fully developed around its

Philip: Right! Hi guys! I’m Philip English, I’m in the lab section of the InnoRobo, I got a gentleman here that will give us an overview of what he is doing, so can you please introduce yourself and a little bit about of what you do.

Samer: My name is Samer Mohammed and I am an associate producer at University Paris Est Créteil and here I am presenting the robot, a robot for assistance and rehabilitation

Philip: Brilliant! Thanks for the introduction. So please tell us about your research, about the robot you are working, about the research.

Samer: This robot is a , it contains 10 degrees of freedom, 2 hips and 2 joints and the remaining degree of freedom are passive, use this robot to compliment and to help people achieving the daily need activity, such as walking, climbing stairs, standing up or sitting down, the idea is not to completely replace the human effort, we are assisting the person, in order to accomplish his tasks and more important point is how to use the sensor, this such kind of sensors, like shoe sensor to measure the ground and estimates the human intensions and control the robot based on human intension the idea is to put the robot or the person wearing the robot the center of control, to control the robot and not dictating the control from outside or from external operator, the subject would be controlling the robot.

Philip: Okay. So the idea is wearing the robot suit has the control of where he’s going. So how long have you been working on this project for?

Samer: The project starts from 2009 and we stopped developing only knee joint skeleton was in university and university from Korea, we have developed the full lower limb skeleton and the main application would be assistance and rehabilitation depending on people who are not able who do not have sufficient control to achieve some and also we are closely working on the rehabilitation or clinics in order to use this robot in rehabilitation context.

Philip: Right! Okay. Are you guys looking to move forward working on the arms

Samer: The objective of now is really on the lower limbs and upper limbs, a lot of problems are on upper limbs without working on upper limb

Philip: Of course! Of course! Yeah! Yeah! Now, I mean that’s a brilliant overview. How much long do you see or think it is going forward to actually use it?

Samer: Robotics is really an interesting field, a lot of people are interesting and working on different kind of application and other application you have on agriculture, you have medicine and also for dependent people. The thing or domain to be developed and we have shown so far many commercial product start arriving to some market, so really an interesting for research and for business also.

Philip: Brilliant! Brilliant! It’s great. Thank you very much for the interview, very much appreciated and this is the lab section guys. What will I do is I will leave the email address for you guys, so you can find out more about it. Thank you very much!

Samer: Thank you!

Brilliant! Thanks guys! I hope you have enjoyed the interview and I would like to say thank you to Samer Mohammed University Paris Est Créteil for his time and the interview.

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